VoiceRank360 Review – How to get conquer the voice search revolution

A Voice Revolution

A revolution is happening in search engine optimization, but it is hidden from even the most astute. This change does not have to do with a new Google search algorithm update or rather how to approach keyword density in articles. No, the game change in search optimization is coming from voice. Voice as in the voice needed to use such smart assistants that are being sold by Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. This is an area where millions of new users are quickly adapting and using this technology. Billions of dollars are being spent to develop and market these devices to the public.

VoiceRank360 Review

Just How Big of an Opportunity

How big is this market? Well, Google has estimated by the year 2020 that half of all searches will be done with the voice. This means that in less than two years fortunes will be made or loss depending on how well optimization is done for voice. This means over the next few years billions of searches will occur with using voice. You definitely do not want to miss out on this opportunity.

The Past as an Example

The past technology revolutions that have passed already yielded massive returns. They have already generated millionaires and billionaires. What are some of these revolutions you can use for comparison? Consider the Youtube revolution beginning in 2005 that has made the profession of Youtuber a household name. Children list being a Youtuber as one of their top choices for a career field. Some Youtubers have gone on to generate tens of millions of dollars with the Youtube platform generating billions while foreshadowing billion dollar competitors like Twitch and Netflix. The year 2009 ushered in the mobile revolution. Now there are mobile games that generate over a million dollars a day. And one of the early adopters of the technology, Apple, has benefited by increasing its valuation to over a trillion dollars. Then consider that in late 2017 and early 2018, the word bitcoin became synonymous with transformative wealth. That crypto wave started to gain steam well back in 2013. Now, we are in the realm of the voice revolution. As you can see from previous revolutions it can take time for real value to appear. But when the value starts to appear, the value can be nearly limitless for an individual or company.

Position Zero

Google is the current leader in search engines. They are also leading the development of voice enabled search results. They are doing this by innovating how they catalog and showcase search results. They call it “The Answer Box”. The Answer Box is basically the text your smart voice assistant will read when looking for an answer to your query. This means there are no other answers accept what is in called “Position Zero”. The future for voice search engine optimization is to get into this position zero. No longer do you have to worry about your competitor appearing in position two, three, or ten. They simply will be irrelevant as they will not be considered for half of all web searches. This can also half the opposite result as well, where you lose access to be included in billions of searches every year if you are not in position zero.

Why VoiceRank360

Now maybe you can now see the importance of voice search to your future goals. A tool that can be used to prepare for this new reality is VoiceRank360.

VoiceRank360 helps you obtain Position Zero

It is a product that helps you get the position zero on Google. How it does it can be somewhat complex to the ever evolving changes to the Google algorithm. But in simple terms, it reverse engineers the ranking factors to obtain a position zero on Google’s search engine. This done using cloud computing so it always updates to the latest necessary to perform such calculations. While the backend is complex, what you need to is very simple. All you need to do is type in your URL. That’s it. A sophisticated artificial intelligence will check for core factors that will influence your voice ranking.  Then after VoiceRan360 does all the calculations for you,it will then give you a report with the necessary changes needed for your website. These reports can be exported easily to PDF so they can quickly be shared with a team to get faster results and allow for deeper study. The reports are also excellent for those with clients they seek to impress with professionalism.

Report Exporting

VoiceRank360 is a powerful tool that can be used in an arsenal to beat out the competition. And beyond the reporting that is provided as a PDF, it can do so much more. This includes but is not limited to the following.

No-Built in Limitations

VoiceRank360 has no limit on the number of websites that you can audit. This means you can audit every day for clear up to date information about how your pages are being optimized. It also means you can deliver this service for not only your own websites but can also use it for clients who want the latest advances and techniques for search engine optimization.

Idiot Proof Search Engine Optimization

The report generated for you will tell what your trouble sources are. Not only are you trouble sources listed. It will give you a solution for how to improve each one of these low scoring points. This way you are not shooting blindly for a solution to see what may work. Now you know exactly what to do, and exact you will exactly how to do it.

You may not know what questions people are asking. It can be sometimes hard to predict what you close family or friends will say next. How can predict what potentially hundreds of millions of people will ask to gain access to your site. VoiceRank360 takes care of this for you. It can create a list of the potentially asked questions that relate to your business.

Has aWordpress Plugins

The most popular content management system in the world is WordPress. It is the key factor in many website projects maybe even yours. Now you can create amazing optimization on WordPress with a plugin that generates what is called a Local Businesses Schema. Local search is incredibly important and now you have access to a tool to win. For example, if your product or service is available on a national or international basis, you can create unique landing sites with optimization for various places around the world. This means you can exponentially grow the chances of success on Google search.

Video Training is Included

You don’t have to read to understand VoiceRank360. There is a full video training to help users to understand all aspects of the software. It makes it easy for those who get overwhelmed in reading technical details of a project.

Who Should Buy It?

This software is especially useful for those trying to conquer local search. The tools will allow you to dominate in markets where local competitors have yet to know of the existence of this opportunity. Restaurants and personal services would all benefit from being at position zero in a local market. Another group that will find this particularly useful are those who run content websites that are looking to build out an empire before the larger media companies jump into the scene.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • No technical know how is needed.
  • Can be managed with only point and click
  • There are video tutorials
  • First mover advantage


  • You need to be connected to the internet


The pricing points for VoiceRank360 are very competitive. It is far cheaper than hiring someone to do the same thing for you. This is why it is a good choice for doing voice search engine optimization.


Voice search will soon be equal to traditional for searching for information. VoiceRank360 is a good start to conquering this emerging marketplace. It is an all in one package that allows for easy management of a process that can significantly boost traffic. The competition for voice search is currently limited so you have a chance to stake out your kingdom now. A new revolution is coming and you definitely want to want to be at the forefront.

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