WP 5 Stars Review – How to Strengthen Online Reputation for Business?


WP 5 Stars Review – Get to know a powerful and unique WordPress plugin that attracts more positive reviews and generates more conversion for your site. If you are yearning for a top-class brand image for your business, you are at the right place.

WP 5 starts plugin


Acquiring customers’ engagement is an all-time priority of any business in any niche. Product reviews and feedback from the customers thus becomes one of the most powerful forces in either raising or damaging a business’s brand image. Getting positive reviews are such a tough task, as we all know not many customers are willing to write the reviews, not to mention talking something good about the product. In this WP 5 Stars Review, I will introduce a tool that makes collecting positive reviews an easy task.

WP 5 Stars is a one-of-a-kind WordPress plugin that filters out the negative reviews and displays the positive ones on your “Rate us” page. It is an ultimate tool to build up and maintain the reputation of the business, thus significantly aids in boosting the traffic, conversion, leads, and sales.  It eliminates all the hassle of getting reviews, especially those elevating your business’s brand image.

WP 5 Stars Review – Overview

Product Name: WP 5 Stars

Creators: Renal Jo & Eric Keith

Niche: Plugin

Refund: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

Levels Compatible: All Levels

Current Front-End Price: $2.19

Sales Page:

 Click Here to Order

Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is WP 5 Stars?

We all know that good reviews can amplify and strengthen a business’s reputation. The power of word of mouth is strong, and thus good reviews will help your business reach out to more customers. They also imprint the positive perception into the mind of the customers, making them more and more willing to hear and to buy from you. And to fulfill the demand of those who are looking for good words about their business, WP 5 Stars comes out as a perfect solution.

WP 5 Stars is an avant-garde WordPress plugin that allows you to create the “Rate us” page full of positive comments from the customers. As stated earlier in my WP 5 Stars Review, this plugin can filter out the bad comments and decide what comments should be displayed on your page. Now let’s discover what exactly you can receive from WP 5 Stars.

What are the great features of WP 5 Stars?

Collect positive reviews and limit negative reviews

With WP 5 Stars, you are completely free from any negative reviews; the risk is zero. This plugin collects all 5-star reviews for your business and makes sure you can improve your online reputation effortlessly. Better yet, it limits the exposure of bad reviews on your page, which free you from worrying about mean people including your rivals from ruining your business’s online image.

Easy funnels

This plugin allows you to make surveys completed video or audio testimonials, which can even further enhance the customer belief in your business. With WP 5 Stars, you can make your funnels as simple or as complicated as you want. It provides you with the top-value information about your business, making it look as attractive as possible in the eyes and the mind of the customers.

Specific star links and infinite colors

WP 5 Stars specifies where the user will go next based on star rating they choose. Additionally, it allows you to make your website theme color and the plugin a perfect match. You just need to select the background color and the highlighted color of the star. And this is what my WP 5 Stars Review appreciates the most about this plugin; it makes your site look unique, and your customers thus are more willing to give you the good words.

Multiple groups of stars with multiple sizes

WP 5 Stars does not limit you to one set of stars. Instead, you can generate as many sets as you want and choose the size of the stars. With WP 5 Stars, it is not just about collecting the good words; it is a lot more than that. It equips your website with the most professional-looking interface possible and thus ensures you are going to enjoy massive loads of profits from the high-quality conversion.

How does it work?

WP 5 Stars works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Set up

Step 2: Activate

Step 3: Start collecting the positive reviews and getting away from negative ones

Watch WP 5 Stars in action HERE

Price and How to buy it?

Some people were even ready to pay hundreds of bucks for this cutting-edge plugin. But as you’ve already seen in my WP 5 Stars Review, its price is ridiculously low. However, please note that the price will significantly increase after a certain number of sales.

For the present time, you can have it at $2.19. I don’t think you can ever find any deal as good as this one. So if you want to enjoy a greater value of your money, be an early bird, visit its sales page here.

Click Here to Order

Why should you buy it?

WordPress compatible

WP 5 Stars works with all WordPress theme with the ease of shortcodes. It is also compatible with all versions of WordPress. With WP 5 Stars, you are guaranteed to have every secured updated plugin.

Testified and proven

WP 5 Stars has been testified and developed for years by experts to deliver the top-notch quality in today’s market. As it offers the 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can buy it with the confidence of knowing that I will work for you.


WP 5 Stars is both easy to set up and easy to manipulate. Once you activate the plugin, you have everything needed to hit the ground running. WP 5 Stars lets you see the results in just a matter of seconds. This plugin is truly a reputation booster for any business of any niche.


There may be not enough space in my WP 5 Stars Review to list out all benefits that this amazing plugin can deliver. The best way to discover and enjoy all the benefits it brings is to simply buy it. The price will increase soon; you have to take action now.

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