WP Malware Scanner Pro Review – All-in-one Solution for Securing your Websites


WP Malware Scanner Pro Review – Discover an ultimate method to protect and optimize your sites. This software is everything you ever need, grab it ASAP.


We all know that there are many harmful systems that cause you website to run slower, suffer from the hacking codes or advertisements without you even knowing. In fact, Google even gets you off their search engine if they find that your website has malware or being infected. Thus, in this WP Malware Scanner Pro Review, I am going to share a powerful plugin that frees you from all these problems.

Basically what this software does is to protect you from infected files and malware. These files and malware are like real viruses, they replicate themselves throughout your website and corrupt it. WP Malware Scanner Pro thus intervenes to secure both your site and your hosting. It gives you a clean and high-performance website in return.

WP Malware Scanner Pro Review – Overview

Product Name: WP Malware Scanner Pro

Front-End Price: $7

Sales Page: 

Click Here to Order

Refund: 30-Day Money Back and 100% Satisfaction Guarantees

Support: Available

Niche: Software, Security

Level Compatible: All Levels

Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is WP Malware Scanner Pro?

WP Malware Scanner Pro is a powerful shield for your website. It defends your site against any harmful code, file, malware and backdoor. Your hosting account is also 100% safe while using this plugin.  WP Malware Scanner Pro protects your pages in all aspects and optimizes the performance of your sites. It ensures the loading speed, the responsiveness and the transparency of the page. Let’s take a look at how it works to protect your website in my WP Malware Scanner Pro Review.

What are the great features of WP Malware Scanner Pro?

Set-and-forget system

Once you install the plugin and activate it, it will keep working to protect your site thoroughly. WP Malware Scanner Pro takes your hands off all the heavy liftings in securing your page. It works on complete autopilot and ensures the optimized performance of your website even when you are sleeping.

Protect both your site and your hosting account

This feature is what my WP Malware Scanner Pro Review appreciates the most. It highly respects its users in the sense that it protect your website in every single aspect. WP Malware Scanner Pro ensures that maximum transparency and effectiveness of your page’s operation.

Powered by 3 APIs

WP Malware Scanner Pro is powered by Norton, virus scanner and meta defender. It thus guarantees the highest standard of security for your site. WP Malware Scanner Pro can scan every possible threat and malware definitions are updated daily via 3 APIs.

Automated notification

As soon as WP Malware Scanner Pro identify any threat, it will automatically notify you via email. It informs you of every issue that is threatening your site and shows you exactly how to resolve it. It can even automatically fix the problems and send you all the backups on your demand.

How does it work?

Once you install the WP Malware Scanner Pro on you WordPress panel, it will scan not just your website but also your hosting account to ensure there is no malicious file. My WP Malware Scanner Pro Review will now suggest 3 simple steps to protect your page with this software.

Step 1: Click on “Scan Now”

If you run WP Malware Scanner Pro for this first time, you have to click that green button.

Step 2: Receive the notifications

Once WP Malware Scanner Pro finds out any changes that may harm your site, it will inform you immediately. The scanning process is conducted on complete autopilot, so you are free to do anything out of the system while it is scanning.

Step 3: Remove the malicious files, codes, and software on your demand

WP Malware Scanner Pro will automatically fix any problem found from your files, software, and pages, without affecting anything on your site.

When the scanning process is accomplished, WP Malware Scanner Pro will display “Scan complete, files harden, system us secure”. This is to make sure that your page is now fully optimized.

To visualize its operation, WP Malware Scanner Pro offers a demo video for its user-wannabe. Watch it here.

Price and How to buy it?

There is no OTO or upsell available with WP Malware Scanner Pro. You cannot find any other security plugin that is as effective and as affordable as this one. The front-end price is now $7.

Visit its sales page here.

Click Here to Order

Why should you buy it?

No hidden fee

Many people may look at the Front-end price mentioned in my WP Malware Scanner Pro Review and think it’s a joke or some kind of a prank. It is really not. WP Malware Scanner Pro charges you only $7, and there is zero hidden fee.

Available for shared hosting

WP Malware Scanner Pro works on shared VPS, DEDI, and Cloud. In fact, it operates on all types of hosting. Thus, you are completely worry-free in the attempt to protect your hosting accounts. WP Malware Scanner Pro respects all kind of hosting and protects them all equally.

Available for multi sites

Besides being supportive for shared hosting, WP Malware Scanner Pro works with all version of WordPress and all multi sites. You only run it manually the first time, and then the system will run on complete autopilot to detect and fix the problems. With WP Malware Scanner Pro, all your sites are completely secured.


If you want to sleep better knowing that there is no malware, backdoor or infected files on your website, WP Malware Scanner Pro is exactly what you need. The best part is, you can install it on all of your websites to make sure they will all operate in professional manners. With the massive benefits and the high affordability it offers, WP Malware Scanner Pro should be a top-favorite software for everyone. Thank you for reading my WP Malware Scanner Pro Review, bye.

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